Create a FREE account on our website and download the mobile APP. Click "VIEW" savings offers. When you see the offers you like, simply click "LOAD" and the offers will be loaded on your mobile device. When you want to "REDEEM" the offer, simple tap the "REDEEM" button. In most cases there is a 4-digit PIN number that the employee will need to enter in order to validate the redemption.
NO! All the savings offers are FREE. You do not need to "purchase" the offers.
When you "Subscribe", you will receive special offers and "Savings Alerts". Your personal informaton is NOT disclosed to the merchnat. You can "opt out" of recieving savngs alerts at anytime from the "MY ACCOUNT" section. .
Particiapting merchnats have the "OPTION" of sending savings alerts to those who have subcribred. Sample savings alert: "Visit us within the next 2 hours and receive 35% off your meal". If you have subscribed to the merchant and they send out a savings alert, you will see the alert on the top menu under "Savings Alerts".
Participating merchants have the option of implementing a "Loyalty Reward". For example: Visit us 4 times this month and receive a FREE appetizer on your 5th visit. If the merchant is offering a Loyalty Reward, you will see a red and orange icon entitled "Rewards". If you have a "Loyalty Reward" avaialbe, it will display on the top menu item under "Loyalty Rewards".
Since Savings Alerts are time sensitive and Loyalty Rewards have an expiraton date, if you dont "REDEEM" the offers within the alloated time, they will not appear in the Savings Alerts, Loyalty Rewards or "Redeem
If you do not use the "savings offer" before the expiration date, they will not appear in your "REDEEM OFFERS" page.
Some merchants allow consumers to load offers once per week, or once per month, etc..If you have reached the maximum number of "loads" allowed, it will NOT appear in the view offer section, until the offer is avaialbe again.
Please tip on the original amount of the sale. (pre-discount amount)
Yes! Please see the merchant details page to view expiration dates and other restrictions. Once the saving offer has expired they will be removed from the "redeem offers" page.
Each merchant creates their restrictions for the Savings Offers. Please make sure to view the restrications on the merchant detail page.